Accomplished Angler Guild

I’ve played WoW on SC server since before the Gates of AQ opened. In that time I have been a part of many Guilds; casual guilds, raid guilds, guilds that friends started just for fun. I’ve even had a few guilds of my own on some of my characters.
Gttnjgywitit, aka Jgy has long been known as a character who fishes A LOT! Back when RP was more of a thing on the servers, fishing was my thing. I have every fishing achievement there is.
I want to start a guild for only toons who have the Accomplished Angler Achievement, and the “Salty” title. It won’t be a guild that requires much from members, other than that particular achievement. A very casual just for fun guild; you don’t have to do anything and you won’t have to actually display the Salty title if you do not want to; you just have to have it available for your toon.
If you have a character that isn’t in a guild already, and has that achievement on FM/SC server, I would really appreciate it even if you could just sign my guild charter to help me get this Guild off the ground.
Contact Gttnjgywitit if you would be interested in this guild, or to help me start it.
Thank you