Accident need on loot

I’m a recent UBRS run, me and my guild killed Rend Blackhand. After killing him, Dal’Rends Sacred Charge, the mainhand sword dropped. Since I already had the offhand, the guild agreed that I should be the one to take it. However, a warrior in our guild, Kurwa, accidentally needed on it before he saw their message. I’ve talked to Kurwa and he wants to give me the sword. Now I know how classic loot works in dungeons but is there anyway he can give me the sword through the help of a game master? Both me and him are really bummed out about this since I’ve been grinding for it for weeks and he was completely in the dark. Any feedback would be much appreciated.


Pretty sure the other guy would have to submit a ticket and talk to the GM about it.

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This doesn’t fall under the guise of a loot dispute, and general practice is for game masters to stay completely hands off, but in a case like this, it likely won’t hurt to have the winner reach out and ask.

The worst they can say is no.

Sorry, Carnivore, we’re not able to assist in this situation. Classic does not have a Bind on Pick Up trade timer for Dungeons, only Raids. Our In-Game Support staff is unable to transfer the item, regardless of who the request comes from.


Customer Support will be unable to:

Restore quest items lost through deletion or quest abandonment. You’ll need to reacquire the quest and obtain the item again.
Swap quest rewards
Unbind items bound to a character
Exchange bind on pick up loot between characters.
    Raid items will have a 2 hour trade window

World of Warcraft loot systems empower players to manage loot directly. For this reason, Blizzard support will not redistribute loot in the event of a dispute between players.


I talked to him after the dungeon. He submitted a ticket. I was trying to submit one but the page kept loading so I decided to post on the forums. Hoping a GM can resolve the issue asap if possible

As has been advised in the two posts prior, he will want to close it.

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I’m afraid not, Carnivore. Our policy for this is completely hands off. Sorry.


Thank you for the clarification. I’ll tell him to close the ticket