Accessibility Updates in Dragonflight

Accessibility Updates in Dragonflight

New accessibility updates in Dragonflight allow you to further enrich your gameplay in World of Warcraft. Check them out!

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Dragonriding: Ride Along

I read over this section and this is such a win for folks who have a disability. I will not benefit from this system but it’s amazing that y’all thought of doing something like this.

Fantastic addition to the game!


Either I’m really misunderstanding something or the ride along video is not the correct one.

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The ride along video seems to be correct. It’s a gnome riding a dragon with a human turning into a whelp. If you’re wondering why the dragon doesn’t simply eat the gnome, I too wondered that.

But still it’s a great feature!

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Hmm, might just be me then. I was seeing the soft targeting video twice (once where it should be, once for the ride-along).

Maybe its saving it for later?


Please give us larger text in the chat box! Even when it’s at the largest size it’s way too small for me and I have to use an addon to make it bigger – I have bad eyes and double vision and it’s not a great combo with small text ;-;


Oops! We’re getting it fixed right now. Thanks for spotting that.


They were likely out of ketchup.


Wow there some really neat stuff in there.

The advanced talent bits, interact key and ride a long are the ones I’ll probably use the most.

Good stuff.

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Hi Blizz, thanks for sharing these and working to make things easier on us disabled folks. One thing I’ve really been struggling to find an addon or setting for is changing the colors or contrast of backgrounds and text so that they are easier to read.

For example, the small yellow text in the achievement statistics panel is really hard to read over the light banding. Similarly, the names of neutral NPCs are super hard to read in the new updated target frame as it’s yellow text over a yellow bar. Hope to see some updates for this sometime. Thanks for your work!


Thank you for adding the Press and Tap option. I hated the Dracthyr hold and release abilities. The interact key and action targeting systems are great additions too!

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I don’t understand why you don’t have console command documentation, or post a link if it existed.

It’s really frustrating to see talent swap commands thrown together and posted as if there is a reference that can be found to use to modify or expand these.

You can’t search API docs, so who knows if this is in there, there is also no official addon documentation, it’s 3rd party sites that have cobbled it together over the years.

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Target Castbar too small to read / identify which is kickable and which is not. I need a way to make that bigger

Calendar Icon, can’t read the date, unlike the original the date was really large. Now its way too small without a way to enlarge.


It has been incredibly frustrating for me spending the past month trying to figure out how to make WoW look like WoW again. I gave up for the most part, but this post solved a new piece of the puzzle for me – the automatic display name adjustment. I don’t know what the default was (because resetting to defaults isn’t working), but it’s been incredibly offputting seeing character names gradually decrease in size as you get closer to it.

So I slid this slider to 0. Does this mean…disabled? Can it be made clearer how to disable this feature? Even when I slide the bar to 0, it’s definitely better, but things still don’t look right. It’s very disorienting to me. Is the font different in Dragonflight?