[A][Cairne & Connected Realms] <Sigma> Recruiting for Mythics(+)


Are you ready to be in accepting guild that is LGBTQ+ friendly?
Are you more than an acronym attached to your playstyle?
Are you looking to learn with a fun and eclectic group of friends and family?
Do you wanna laugh at the shenanigans Leap of Faith cause?
Are you ready to play the game, and not be in a job online?

We are a guild looking to expand our ranks to possibly start raiding in the future, as well as having more players to go in to M+. We are building up after the xpac hit to have the ability to do more! The raid schedule will be laid back as we are not a progression guild. We are looking at 1-2 nights a week for about 2 hours each session. This is when we are ready and have the team to do it.

We are open to all classes, levels and playstyles, so you will be on the new ground floor. Come grow with us and have fun while doing that! We swear… We are great at shenanigans.

We’ve been around for a while, and we stick with each other. We are looking to really start having more activity as a guild!

Connected Realms: Cairne , Perenolde , Cenarius , Korgath , Tortheldrin , Frostmane and Ner’zhul

All good people are welcome.

We are an open and accepting group. We operate as a family. There are occasional quiet times!

Hit me up on Battle.net or Discord: Danuin#1350

Come join the fun! :slight_smile:

“If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you’ve never tried before.” – Steven Wright