Absolute Legends is Recruiting for both teams!

Looking for Guildies and Raiders! (Alliance)

Absolute Legends is an Alleria/Khadgar/Medivh/Exodor guild looking for dps with healer os for our Tues/Thurs group this is a group trying to push for CE we were very close in Nyalotha got 6/10 in CN then took a break. We are searching for all roles for our Saturday and Monday team as well it is also Looking for a raid leader to help me out as I am running Both teams atm. raids are at 7:30 CST-10:30 CST

If you are looking for Mythic+ groups, PvP partners, or just want to stay casual we have a large community on discord that allows you to connect with other players just like you! We offer a little something for everyone including the people just looking for friends.

The guild discord has many amenities that include:

  • A Free Raidbots Quick Sim Bot
  • Two Music Bots
  • Free guild repair for raiders and there alts!

-A Shameless-Plugs channel (If you are a streamer, you can DM an officer of the guild and be added to the bot that notifies the guild when you go live)

We like to think that we are more than just a guild. We are more of a dysfunctional family. So we have tabs in discord where we can get to know everyone a little more. From family, to dinner, to pets, to the spiciest of memes we have a place to make everyone feel at home.

Hit me up if your interested or have any questions comment on here or hit me up in game @ Srmorphsalot-Alleria or Bnet Dylan2727#1803

Bump still searching! If your team is struggling to fill a roster and would like to merge and join our ranks, we would be happy to do that as well and combine forces to push the second team back into mythic!