About the new SSD requirement for Shadowlands

I am in the beta and I can play the game fine on my laptop. No SSD drive.


This information has been available since at least December 2019.

I’m fairly confident it was on the Blizzard Shop under System Requirements when pre-orders started but I can 100% confirm that our support article created in December 2019 has always had the information.

I expect we’re seeing a more recent increase in discussion because we announced the release date last week and gaming media is doing their rounds in preparation.


I went and bought a 500GB external SSD and transferred my WoW files to it. So far it’s very slow the first time I load into a zone but after that first load screen, when I jump between areas I’ve visited the loading is very fast.


Brother is in beta. He doesn’t really notice anything. Of course his real gaming computer is much faster than his old laptop from 2015, but the laptop ran it just fine.

When I got two 500gb SSDs I believe it cost me about $250 a year or two ago. I think you can get them pretty cheap if you wanted to upgrade. Even the older ones from 6-8 years ago still work fine. I gave my two old 250gb SSDs I had in my prev computer back from 2012 - 2018 and they work just fine, and are still fast… Boot computer in 10 seconds, as opposed to the 6 seconds it takes mine to boot.

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Yeah… I wouldn’t go external if I could help it.

IMO external drives are just for when you need a lot of storage space and not necessarily accessing it all the time.

And USB 2.0, I wouldn’t be using that for active transfers like running game files.

If you don’t have 3.0, I wouldn’t even consider it.

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Did you even read the thread? Shadowlands will run fine on the HHD. Download the PTR to make sure. It’s the 9.0 client.


You will be able to play. HDDs will work just fine. They just won’t work as well as a SSD because the game is being optimized to work on Solid State from now on.


Even if you can get an SSD or find out an HHD will work, you still need i5+ and more graphic power… once again, this will cost tons of subscribers…

I mean Blizz can’t win can they, they move forward like other game companies to upgrade the game to be competitive and they cop flack because people want it to remain in the dark ages hardware wise.


Yeah nothing like forcing people to buy stuff. Making you looking really bad blizzard. I cant even just go out and buy it. After this im leaving for good if they steal my money.

No game company can win. Always going to be a group of people complaining about progress.

I’d hate to see what they think of having to buy a PS5 in order to play PS5 games.

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Well i didnt ask for this one bit.

Nobody is being “forced” to buy anything. We’re talking about current technology, not high-tech new fangled top of the line gear. Basic entry level computer type stuff now.

You’re welcome to download the PTR and see how it plays on your system as it may play just fine. Many have already pointed out that they don’t have a SSD and are playing without any real issues.

If that’s not the case for you, then there are a lot of more graphically intensive games that are also not forcing you to buy them and upgrade your system.


Oh so we dont need a ssd to play showlands when it comes out?

There are people in Beta without SSDs and they are playing fine, just with longer load times. Your experience may vary, but you’re still welcome to download the PTR version of the game (which includes a lot of the changes) and see how it runs for your particular setup.

Edit: To be fair, I don’t know if they’ll make it a hard-coded requirement, but it’s certainly not on the beta or ptr currently.


If nothing else,

I’ve bought 2 of these, the 512 is in a older i3 laptop for media, and a family member got the 1tb for their older PC until we can afford to upgrade the CPU,MB,PSU.

But it’s not like Blizzard is forcing everyone to buy new PC’s every other expansion either, and as the game gets bigger, better looking, the requirements also have had to increase to match.

It’s sadly not like 16 years ago, when a 2ghz single core could rule the world.

However, minimum requirements does not mean it won’t run, but if you have issues such as poor performance, long loading times, crashes, etc… support might not be able to help you out either.


wait really need SSD? or i can still play from HDD?

That has been answered countless times in these threads.


Already answered.


What are you running? I’m thinking you are trying to find an excuse to quit the game.

One of the problems with the “loss of subs” argument is you don’t have any data on why an account became inactive. Trying to use it as justification for whatever point you are making simply doesn’t work because players stop playing for any number of reasons.
stole the quote from Vrathris