About the new Race/Class

So this is my first forum post, and I hate that it’s to complain about what I am hopeful will be a return to form for WoW, but I just wanted to post my two cents about the new race. I love being a tank, probably my most played thing since I started playing WoW has been tanks. In other games I generally prefer to be a tank (or as close to being one as I can), but another thing I have loved since I was a kid has been dragons. So when I hear that we are getting a dragon themed expansion, my mind is already racing with the thought of being able to play a big strong dragonoid tank. This left me feeling super underwhelmed when I found out that, not only is there not a tank spec for the only class that can be a dragon, but that there isn’t even a melee dps (easily my other favorite playstyle) spec for them. As someone who has never been a big fan of healing (I genuinely get too stressed thinking I’m going to let my teammates down by letting them die), and just genuinely hate playing casters in this game, I’m super bummed about this decision. I’m just left wondering why? I understand the point of too many melee dps specs in the game, but would another tank spec really be all that bad? I just want to live out a fantasy as a dragon-like tank, and unfortunately it seems, that I have to look elsewhere if I want that. Am I wrong here? Am I right? Am I alone? Let me know!

Please ignore the name of the toon, my sub isn’t active, and so it’s showing a random one lmao.