About The New Frost DK Buffs

They are negligible at best, insulting at worst.

While DW is currently narrowly out-performing 2-Handers, the issue with the spec is not that two-handed weapons are doing 2% too little damage. DW is also suffering and it’s due to lack of damage in the overall kit.
I suggest reverting either the obliterate damage nerf made in the pre-patch, or reverting the Pillar of Frost changes from pre-patch in at least one of two ways:

  • Lower the cooldown back to 45 seconds (down from the new 1 minute CD)
  • Increase the duration back to 15 seconds (up from the new 12 second duration)

Even if these buffs aren’t a lot, they would certainly help.

Other buffs may be in order, I am no game dev, just somebody that loves to play Frost Death Knight. Also, definitely do something to make 2-Handers catch up to DW, maybe allow them to use a second runeforge or make a special runeforge just for 2-Handers.

I appreciate any and all feedback on this, as this is mainly just a late night angry post about my bad spec staying bad in yet another balance hotfix.

Lastly, I know there are other specs that are underperforming in the game that need to be buffed, I hope they receive buffs too. This is just a post about Frost, all about Destro lock and other spec buffs too <3


Id rather PoF duration be extended. Im venthyr and I macro mists and pof together. I dont want that out of sync. But hey maybe I shouldn’t be doing that in the first place.


Extending the duration of PoF would be great

hotfix is not live yet. I have seen where blizz makes changes right before they release the patch. So I am still keeping my hopes up that Frost will get more of a buff. We all know it needs it… but yeah the 2% is a joke. Like wtf…

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15 second PoF is nice. Decreasing POF CD would decrease the value of Icecap as I try to sync it with Death’s Due.

Yeah, and as much as I love 2H Frost, it isn’t the only thing suffering right now at all. The spec as a whole is underperforming and a 2% buff to one weapon type is not going to fix anything.

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