About Doomwalker

Tomorrow is weekly reset anyway. So Wednesday is the day we find out for sure. I have 11 kills, got 1 toy and a really ugly piece of gear.


The quest is weekly, but the actual lockout of the bosses is still daily iirc.

I mean this would be a blizztard thing to do, only have 4 shots at the mount it drops and all other mog pieces that it drops. I really hope it’s daily, as its just silly to lock the mount behind a week long wait when bosses like this reset daily when you farm them for loot.

Talk about getting spat in the face.

did you enjoy the fight?

Or try reading the article posted on their news section of the website or the link provided on the forums by Blizz for you.

You’ll also be able to do a little Timewalking to take on the Doomwalker with the weekly quest, “Doomwalkin’ Has Come Knockin”

It’s a daily per character lockout. It basically operates exactly the same as the rares in Korthia. You probs just got gold and didn’t notice.

I killed him once for the quest and got nothing as well. Didn’t know he had loot, just wanted the badges.

That doesn’t make it clear whether the loot lockout is daily or weekly. I also assume it is daily, but we won’t know for sure until tomorrow.

Check your raid lockouts.

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A 150 badge quest daily seems lavish and fun. Wowhead says it is weekly.
We will find out tomorrow.

It shows up there!? o.O

I will check that when I get home, thanks!

I’m talking about the look lockout, not the quest for badges.

Quest is weekly per toon, boss loot is daily per toon.

Are you sure? Because one of my toons got nothing - not even gold. Maybe it was a glitch and it will show up in his mailbox later?


i’m sorry, you clearly deserve a "reward’ for going through “life” .and I guess doomwalker isnt it

Took 25 characters, got a couple pieces of ok gear, the toy and gold. Sometimes I didn’t get anything. Hope killing for loot is daily because it is worth trying for the mount.

You don’t need the quest to kill him to get the loot. I killed him without doing the quest and got gold. You can only kill him 1 time a day per character to get loot.

Can confirm.

Every time I’ve tried so far I’ve gotten this and you can also get it multiple times a day on the same character!


I just killed Doomwalker, and it’s not showing up in Raid Lockouts on the Calendar.
Is there someplace else to check?

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