About Disruptive Players

Hehehe I see :3

That’s a lovely idea. It would be nice if they did that thing where that player moves to a different phase and you can’t see them.

Oh it can surely be programmed, it would be similar to how Rogues and Cat Druids go invisible, and if their class based ability can make them invisible, there is a way to make it so we can’t see someone if we don’t want to.

Like individual sharding? Phasing out…how nice :wink:

This is outrageous. If someone is bothering your RP that bad then either ignore them and they’ll go away or move your RP somewhere secluded. Azeroth is huge.

The last thing we need in this game is even less players being seen on same servers.

So you or the person you are ignoring is going to be in a phase/shard by themselves?

That is not what I am suggesting, for example, if I set you to Ignore and Invisible, ONLY I the person who ignored you and set you to invisible, would not be able to see you, everyone else still can.

Furthermore, if me and or others have already picked a place we want to RP or chat in, why should we have to move when the disruptive player invaded our already picked space? That’s not fair in the slightest.


You picked the largest RP server that also has some of the most trolls on it and you expect to not see silly stuff happen? Report them if it’s that bad.

No, they will still exist in the server, just simply invisible to the person who put them on Ignore.

There wouldn’t be any Sharding or Phasing, they would just simply not be perceivable by the person who ignored them, but everyone else who hasn’t ignored them can still see them.

The report feature only works in regards to Language, Cheating or Name, nothing to say for Trolling or other disruptive behavior.

Furthermore I never said I never expected disruptive elements, but at the same time if people are being disrupted it is not their job to move somewhere else and effectively grind their own scene or conversation to a halt when someone else is doing something wrong. Punish the offender, not the ones being offended.

The fact you are this up in arms to my innocent suggestion makes me think you (Yesuna) are supportive of Trolling behavior, but I am sure that is not the case.

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Put in a ticket. If it’s ongoing with the same person or group of people then you need to put in a ticket each time they do something.

The problem with the Support Ticket is that it can take days for such a thing to be taken care of, I’ve seen issues take days to be resolved before. My suggestion is a more readily available solution. If people could make offending people and their effects invisible and unnoticeable (only to the person USING such a feature) then it would go a long way to solving the problem in the short term.

This is not to say reporting things doesn’t work…but who wants to wait days for a resolution while meanwhile some player is being a disruptive influence either actively or by using a bot?

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looks at race

Checks out.

Not at all what I was getting at :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather play on moonguard then be decent at mythic plus AFTER all the dungeons get nerfed. Trash tier lmao

Why you gotta be so salty so early?

Why do you have to ignore him coming at me first lmao

you need a snickers friend. He wasn’t comin at you at all.

Yeah…take a real close look at what he said, and think real hard about what his implying.

Sometimes I want to just play in a single player shard, so I can understand this.

What a good idea. Even more so that it takes a burden off the report function. Why bother putting in a ticket when you can just make them invisible to you. Problem solved.

We all know Blizz likes to offload work onto the player-base. So this would be ab excellent way to take steam out of the trolls without adding work to mods and CS.

And I am ALL FOR de-trolling.