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I’m going to play old expansions but without using chromie time , I already know about scaling level and all that stuffs and giving me breadcumbs.

The question is Will I find the zones as they were before ?
I know that there are things that have happened, such as the destruction of some cities, new Npcs apear etc…

Will everything will be as before or do i have to use chromie in order to do this for me (something like Zidormi)

Everything in the expansions will be pretty much as it was, they’ve made very few changes to the content. For the original 1-60 zones in Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms, everything will be as it was in Cataclysm but you might have to talk to Zidormi for certain zones that were heavily modified after Cata.

Something that I know used to be a problem (I haven’t tested since Dragonflight came out) is that BfA phases are usually the dominant phase, but Zidormi doesn’t offer the phase change unless you’ve unlocked the BfA version of the zone. (At which point, the only way to fix the phasing is to do BfA questing.) I’ve also had issues with the MoP zones affected by BfA questing where the only option was to do the BfA quests first.

The BfA issues are from end game, so you should be able to minimize the interference by locking you level at 49 until you’ve done any expansion content up through MoP. (BfA end game is weird. It was originally level 50, but most (but not all) of it got bumped to 60 in Dragonflight. So, 59 might work to lock, but 49 will be safer.) Everything through MoP should still be soloable at 49.

Another general hint: Do the full BfA intro quests (up to getting the Come Sail Away (Alliance) or Welcome to Zandalar (Horde) achievement) on your character right away. It will resolve a lot of potential phasing issues in Stormwind/Orgrimmar and save you a lot of frustration down the line. If you start in Exile’s Reach, just keep following the tutorial when you get to the main city. Otherwise, you can get the starting quest from the Herald NPC near the Warchief’s Command/Hero’s Call board at level 10.

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Yeah I have seen your hint about bfa intro alot
To minimize weird phase
But what if i chose to play in old starting zones which will lead me to level in kalimdor - Eastern kingdoms
Do i have to do bfa intro as well ?

Yes, because BfA is the “official” leveling path to 60, it tends to dominate phase-wise. Chromie Time can sometimes mitigate it, but I haven’t seen consistent results. If you’re questing in Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms, it’s not something you’ll have to do immediately at level 10 as BfA shouldn’t affect those zones on lower level characters. But, you may run into issues with any quests that run through Orgrimmar/Stormwind, and it will very likely cause issues for the 30+ Cata starter zone quests.

Doing the intro also has the advantage of a nice hearthstone location. Quick access to most of the faction major cities, and the Org/Stormwind ports right into the portal room.

If you go to some of the older zones without Chromie Time some of the places will be stuck in BFA time, Darkshore, and Tirisfal Glade for example but you can just talk to the time person in each zone, then go back to questing as usual.

The best way to mitigate any BFA phasing is to simply do the intro into boralus on every toon until you get the achievement after interacting with the map. Then you can see Zidormi and she’ll then give you the options phase into the other older or newer zones if you are the correct level (usually… level 40 above) and that just makes things so much easier pertaining to that. we had an issue with a group where some couldn’t acceess Zidormi because they didn’t even do the intro quests. or they were on lower toons. It will just make things so much easier to just do the boralus intro quests when you make new toons every time.
EDIT: Boarlus for alliance… Zandalar for Horde.

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