Ability to transmog 1h weaps on back

I would like to know/understand why we don’t have this option yet. The monk class has 1h weapons on their back so why haven’t we been able to get this feature added to the game.


I agree and dislike being forced to use swords on my mage and have the long thing swinging at her hip, especially as a petite character. I don’t like a lot of the sword transmog I have to begin with and I much prefer daggers and staves. I don’t even like to use sword appearances on my demon hunter because I hate how the positioning looks. Axes and maces at the hip look much better to me. Or we just need more shortswords that don’t jut out as much, as well.

Blizz gave us the ability to transmog 2 different shoulder pieces so I don’t see how and option to allow for back mounted 1h’s is out of the question.

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This is something that’s been bought up during the last several expansions alpha’s/beta’s and submitted for Q&A’s but it never gets answered…
Hopefully one day they may actually respond with a yes or no.

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I mean it would be nice to have a blue post on if they have considered it or if they are willing to test it out as this option is basically in the game already…

IE monks. so why not open back xmog mounts for weapons so we don’t have the 1 or 2 1h’s that you can xmog on your back.

Wait, are all 1-handed weapons held over the back? Haven’t played a Monk since they came out so not sure if any are holstered on their hips. May be a class thing though I know there are a few 1-handed swords that post on the back regardless of class. The Phantom Blade comes to mind.

Certain 1 handers already mount on the back, and that aspect of them makes them rare and unique. I prefer it this way. I have some weapons that mount on my back, and some that don’t.

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I agree with you too, Made. There are some good and unique options if what you want is a sword/axe on your back. My Felsteel battle-axes have been my prized possession since I had them back in the OG TBC. I also recommend heavy copper longsword for those who want a simple and small back-sheathed sword for transmog.

Yes. Monks have they weapons on their backs.

And as for all other classes there are only a tiny fraction of 1hs you can xmog that equip on your back.

Wtb blue post!

They should definitely add the option, like a simple check box for either side mounted or on the back, the tech is already there from monks and the new KT swords on use effect is to switch how they are sheathed.

ogre pocket knife =)

sword that looks like a dagger

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If that be the case a few new 1h swords with the same design simplicity of the venerable heavy copper longsword but modern standards of fidelity would not go amiss.

Thank you! Nice for outlaw rogues, too!