Abilities Not Doing Expected Damage/Healing in Fated Raids

Ancient Teachings still appears to be broken.

Just about cleared the raid and most bosses seem fine, but the echoes of sin on Sire dont seem to be interacting with bonedust brew or sinful brand. Looking back at our logs, among 3 monks, bone dust brew did on average 10k in total damage throughout all of P1. Sinful brand did similar.

Seems like this problem is still here.

can you guys look into the nathrian vendors not giving loot because it requires the wrong item. kinda frustrating not seeing any mention of this from you guys

Can confirm that fire mages are again seeing ignite not work properly on fated bosses


Checking my logs as Arcane, the numbers seem incorrect as well, but not quite as bad as they were the first time. This time around it looks like instead of abilities doing 10% of what they should be, they’re closer to the 50% mark.


Not just fated bosses. M+. Combusted ignites are dealing reasonable damage (not sure if it’s /right/ but it’s reasonable).

Non-combusted ignites are dealing… 0, 13, 27, etc… on 8k hits…