Abilities Not Doing Expected Damage/Healing in Fated Raids

Kara tuning when?


World content that scales with ilvl has been bugged like this for as long as I can remember, because the game sort of lies about the damage you’re doing.

E.g. for my mage, the target dummies in elysian hold are scaled up to 1.46M health from my ilvl, but really only have their base 1179100 health. My arcane orb says it does 4101 damage when it hits, but really only does 4101*(1179100/1460000), or about 3311 damage to the target dummy’s actual health bar, and TotM damage is computed based on that, effectively only doing about 30.3% instead of the expected 37.6%. I believe all “based on x% damage done” things like leech and other abilities have been bugged in open world content like this for as long as ilvl scaling has been a thing.

It’s always been fine in relevant instances (e.g. I got the appropriate TotM damage when I hopped into M spires to test rq) before now. The issue in fated raids was much more extreme, so I’m not sure if they just really messed with real HP values or if it was some new issue entirely.

tl;dr: It’s definitely still bugged in outdoor content to the same degree it always has been, but it seems to be working fine in raids from logs I’ve seen post-fix.

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Must not have been that complicated then lol

this implies that some might still be iffy?

such mystery

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Did CN H this morning prior to this lockout is still there must have been if you were in the raid when they did all this.

I just want a simple and direct answer. Yes or No will suffice. Was the 4 piece tier for Brewmaster Monks fixed for Fated Raids?? Remember YES or NO answers only, no BS redirects or announcements that seem like you fixed it all but in reality, you only did a small percentage of what needed to be done.

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This has not yet been fixed for at least the fated outdoor bosses. Obviously they’re not difficult, but it felt bad watching my 3x Blackout Kick proc do an extra 80 damage from Bonedust Brew and heal for 610.

As we’ve examined this and related issues, players noticed our fix seemed to come at the exact time bosses’ health appeared to go up.

We’ve looked into this very thoroughly, and it looks like the issue with spell scaling was also causing enemy health to display incorrectly. The same fix that addressed player abilities like Blade Flurry and boss abilities like Soul Spikes behaving incorrectly, also fixed how enemy health was displayed.

Looking closely at logs of raids before and after the fix, we believe that the effective combat time and difficulty of the raid has remained unchanged.

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Can you explain a bit on how this works? How is it possible that the boss having less health displayed has the difficulty as it does right now? Was the boss taking less damage?

Would you be willing to share any insights regarding how this actually plays out? It seems extremely bizarre for the boss (Shriekwing, for instance) to display having 48mil HP visually but have 42mil HP in practice and as someone who knows absolutely nothing about these sorts of matters it’s quite hard to wrap my head around it.

Sorry but if you compare the logs of before and after… they correlate to what is shown in game.

Maybe I’m stupid.

There’s no way that is true. You can’t add HP to the boss and expect the kill time to be the same, even if some specs were bugged and not doing the correct dps. Most people learned about this before or during the raid and swapped to a spec that did not have bugged DPS.

This launch has tainted all of the rankings and logs with these bugs. Now guilds will be further along because they raided during a bugged state and had easier fights to progress.

Pretty sure their reasoning is that now spells are unbugged and doing the correct DPS then the extra HP won’t matter but that’s not how it’s going to work. Most people would have switched to a non broken spec like Fire → Frost to do the expected DPS to down a boss.

Adding HP means phases last longer or push times change, CDs will have to be lined up differently

This cracks me up just thinking behind what spaghetti code must be going on for this to take place.


Ancient Teachings still appears to be broken.

Just about cleared the raid and most bosses seem fine, but the echoes of sin on Sire dont seem to be interacting with bonedust brew or sinful brand. Looking back at our logs, among 3 monks, bone dust brew did on average 10k in total damage throughout all of P1. Sinful brand did similar.

Seems like this problem is still here.

can you guys look into the nathrian vendors not giving loot because it requires the wrong item. kinda frustrating not seeing any mention of this from you guys

Can confirm that fire mages are again seeing ignite not work properly on fated bosses


Checking my logs as Arcane, the numbers seem incorrect as well, but not quite as bad as they were the first time. This time around it looks like instead of abilities doing 10% of what they should be, they’re closer to the 50% mark.


Not just fated bosses. M+. Combusted ignites are dealing reasonable damage (not sure if it’s /right/ but it’s reasonable).

Non-combusted ignites are dealing… 0, 13, 27, etc… on 8k hits…