[A][Benediction] < The Mediocre Men > 10/10 pre-nerf dad guild now recruiting!

Hello ladies and gents,

We are a group of long-time friends originally from Thunderlord (retail) founded in 2006. We’re the same guys – just older & daddier – and on the classic grind since 2019. We are an original Benediction classic guild, and cleared 10/10 pre-nerf early in the tier.

We preach a casual and laid-back raid environment. We’ve been dadvertising for many years now, and we think it’s why we’ve been able to keep raiding at a high level throughout the years, even on a low pop server. Most of our raiders come for the banter and the friendships, so if you’re looking for more than just a group to kill bosses with, we’re your guys.

To get an idea of our vibe, you can find our first-week T5 meme video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqepguCkVCM&ab_channel=TheMediocreMen. We also crowdfunded a recruitment video by rapper Riff Raff…if that doesn’t convince you to join, nothing will.

Despite raiding 2 days a week, we’ve always enjoyed great success in raids. Given our short and sweet raid schedule, we expect you to show up ready. But if you die in fire once or twice because your kid smacked your space bar, it’s okay, we understand.

Raid Times:

  • Tue 8-11 EST
  • Thu 8-11 EST
  • Sun 8-11 EST - early prog only, otherwise optional alt runs

We do not recruit for the bench, ever. While these are our ideal recruitment needs, we encourage everyone to apply regardless of their class/spec. Within reason of course, we bring the player, not the class.

  • Priority: Elemental shaman
  • Priority: Retribution paladin
  • Priority: Shadow priest
  • All other classes/specs are welcome to apply!

If we sound like your cup of tea, please send a request to Chicken#1980 or AmateurHour#1352 in-game or BigTesco#9066 on Discord.

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Still looking for an spriest/ele shaman! Message us in-game or on disc :slight_smile:

Apply today for a 5% discount from the TMM gbank!

Still looking for a select individual :wink:

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Always looking for quality dads :slight_smile: