[A]<Axios> LF Heroic Raiders for Shadowlands

Axios was founded on the idea of enjoyment over progress, that is not to say we won’t clear all non-mythic content, but our focus is to gather like minded individuals to enjoy the game with. We will obtain “Ahead of the Curve” with every raid cycle (and maybe some mythic boss attempts).

My wife and I ran a very successful guild on classic WoW Pagel Alliance, but due to the nature of Classic we felt that we were not getting enough enjoyment from the game vs the amount of stress and commitment it required. With personal loot we won’t have to worry about giving a piece of loot to the wrong person, and With flex raids we won’t have to shoulder the burden of keeping a large roster or benching players.

GM: Jambi

I have been playing the game on and off for the past 15 years, started raiding in burning crusade and hit my stride in Wotlk. I have played a Combat/Outlaw rogue for most of the games lifetime. I wont be the top DPS but I will stick to near the top with little mechanic mess ups.

Raider: Laleana
The more competitive out of the two of us, she has been playing the game for just as long, but has a bit of better resume than I do. She has mained a resto druid for the majority of the game, doing so with top end guilds. I got to watch her heal circles around all the “better classes” in classic WoW even without the kit she has become used to in retail WoW.

Raid Nights: Wednesday, Thursday

Raid Times: 6:30PM CST - 9:30PM CST

Website: axios.pro

Discord web Join Link: discord.axios.pro

If you are interested in joining add me on bnet.