[A] Zombie Kittens - returning and new players welcome!

New friendly casual ADULT leveling guild looking to have fun and grow our small guild with players interested in a fun, stress-free guild environment. We’re not currently raiding but hope to build a good group of talent to work towards that goal.

Various time zones representing (PT, CT, ET), so we have people on at various points throughout the day, especially during the current pandemic. We’d love to have friendly, fun-seeking, helpful players join us! Returning players welcome! All classes and specs!

Reply here or whisper in-game (Driftage, Malefiscent, Heallarybuff, Mystrinixx) for an invite. [Posting on one of my lower level toons because my 120 -Mystrinixx - doesn’t show up here for some reason]

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I need to transfer then I’ll join <3

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