[A] Zion (est. 2008)

Zion is an active server with 150-ish active players (as of 11/16/18, people who have logged in within last month, not toons).

Most play between 5-10pm Central time (Server).

Zion is a guild that raids, but not specifically a “raiding” guild. I’d like to think we are about people that play WoW. If you are looking for a “raiding” guild, keep looking because we want people looking to make friends AND raid with them.

Folks join for the long haul. I have many that make lasting friendships and meet in person all around the country.

Zion was established in 2008 and we have several that have been here the whole time.

We run two raid teams each with 5 hour raiding schedules. Yep, if it can’t be done in 5-hours per week, it doesn’t get done.

  • Mon/Tue Heroic+, 7:30-10pm server, 80%+ attendance required.

  • Fri/Sat Normal+, 7:30-10pm server, 50% attendance requested.

Don’t be in an empty guild or one that doesn’t do things.

Find me in game most evenings from 5-10pm.