A: Your guildmates transferring? Well we're not <Ohana> is recruiting

Hello Myzrael! We’ve noticed that the server seems to be dwindling with people, even heard recently that an entire guild transferred servers. Finding people to join guilds and even raiders is getting more and more difficult.

will not be transferring servers and we welcome those looking for a home in wow. We are very family oriented and enjoy every aspect of individuals. Like to raid? Like to do dungeons? Like to just chat? We’re here for you.

A lot of you may know myself, Ehsna, and Thoradren that hosts random pug Kara and Gruuls/Mag weekly. We’re all here to have a good time.

Please reach out to any of my characters in game Lentilstew, Lentilsoup, Lentilmilk, Lentiljuice, or to me directly on discord Lentil Stew#8789.

SSC/TK Raid times:
Tuesday/Wednesday 6:30 PM ST to 9:30 PM ST

Thursday 6:30 PM ST

Alt/Pug Runs
Saturday 8:00AM ST
Kara whenever we feel like it