A WoW "Free Trade" server, would you play it?

The only nice thing left about Old Republic is that everything is BoA.

Not sure if I’d like everything tradeable to others, though. People get means when they want something. >.>

This would be such a disaster in a heavily gear based game like WoW and I’d love to see it

No, nothing would have value.

Nah. That doesn’t sound enticing.

There is one of those private server things that has full loot FFA pvp.

it’s a disaster when you’re in the mindset that it takes two months to get that legendary bow.

when that same bow is in the AH, at 250 listings, losing it stops being that big of a deal.

it’d be a big culture shock but it wouldn’t last - things would settle into a stable rhythm.

I would play it, alts would be so easy lol

I would. And as mentioned above token’s would have to be disabled for the server. No transfers either. Maybe no name changes. Your reputation should follow you around like a shadow.


It would have to be a tokenless server.

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One thing they would never allow on a server like that would be for people to farm on that server in order to transfer wealth back to a regular server. It would have to operate as a separate game, as classic does.

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That sounds pretty awful

Wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. It’d be packed to the brim with cash whales.

I’d love to be able to farm mounts and sell them! They should be cagable just like battle pets.

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i would not want to play on that. its a good way for someone to run off with all your stuff.

and odds are it would end up on a CSI episode sooner or later (because it did for a game with a similar loot concept. dont know if the game was real or just a prop game)

Ah yes, the gold sellers would love that. No token, so you want gold to buy all that gear lootz - go to a gold seller site. Man, would we see a lot of hacked accounts.

I dont understand your response. What has murder and the law got to do with gold buying?

The point is this, in case it did a whoosh over your head. Tokens were introduced by Blizzard not only to make money, but to provide a safe method of obtaining gold. If you stopped tokens being available then ‘some’ people would go outside the game to buy gold from gold sellers. And thats dangerous for them because it puts not just their game account but their bank accounts at risk. And sure people doing it can be reported, anyone doing anything against the game’s rules can be reported. Gold sellers are quite sneaky at disguising their transactions.

It’d be awful

Thats nonsense. I cant even begin to understand what you are talking about since you are making zero sense.

What has the wow token got to do with 'sell your gear in its entirety"? You purchase a token for cash which is put on the AH, and someone buys it for gold to use in the game for whatever purposes they wish. I use it to cover my subscription as I am on a pension with limited money. So are you saying I am somehow wrong because I enjoy playing the game, earning gold in the game and using that gold to buy a token off the AH and put it towards my subscription?

If so, I say ptoeey to you!

I said, and Ill say it for the last time but perhaps in another way - buying a token from WoW is safe for players so they can legitimately use that extra gold for whatever purposes they want. Equating it somehow to gold sellers = legalized murder is so off-the-planet weird I am actually impressed by your twisty sense of logic.

Gold sellers act primarily outside the game through websites and throwaway email accounts. Blizzard doesn’t own the internet, it doesnt own Discord, it cant stop every single goldseller. They have said this with regard to bots:

Saying Blizzard should do this and should do that assumes that they could ever stop bots and gold sellers. If people only purchased their gold from the Token then gold sellers would rapidly go out of business.

Would be nice if everything in our bags was sellable.

It’s also the same idea as POE, sell your old unwanted items to someone. But for it to work here Blizzard need to place caps on items otherwise people will offload things that are just way too expensive and it really will become pay to win.