A WoW "Free Trade" server, would you play it?

Basically similar to the Firiona Vie and Mischief servers of EverQuest. A server where everything is tradeable and sellable, and with very few exceptions, nothing can be soulbound.

How do you think it would go in WoW? Would you play it?


I would not.


I like the idea of being able to trade stuff endlessly. It’s more like real life that way.


will there be full loot ffa pvp also?

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Neat idea. But the WoW token’s existence means that would be P2W by design. At least it’d be easy to get Mythic raid gear.


I played on Mischief for a couple months in EQ very recently. It was interesting, and it was my first TLP experience in that game. I only quit because I joined kind of late and if/when they release a new TLP starting at the beginning I may play that one far more.

You’re right that it was P2W on many levels. EQ has the Krono, WoW has the WoW token, so it would be essentially the same. From what I observed on Mischief, the current expansion end tier raid loot was generally pretty expensive, usually costing multiple Krono. But at the same time, the lower end/previous expansion raid loots were found pretty dirt cheap. It was amazing how far a little bit of cash would get a new player, and it was fun running around as a level 10 ranger wielding a weapon from a previous expansion endgame raid. :slight_smile:

It did promote a P2W mindset but at the same time it was also a fun experience as a poor casual. Was just thinking about how such a server might go in WoW.

I feel like it would turn in to a Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Global Trade Station (GTS) where every posting from Arceus to Caterpie, players wanted some lvl 100 legendary. The GTS was rather useless because of it…

How does that equate to GTS?:
Everything from BiS epics down to lvl 1 greys will be posted on the AH with the intent of being purchased for a few WoW tokens worth of Gold. It would be a troll AH and troll economy imo.

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I would transfer there! I would not bother to start a new character there if transfers were not allowed.

I could just farm stuff to sell on the AH, which ubers don’t want to bother getting, while I buy their gear drops!

You can’t really buy “good gear” on a regular AH.

It would be a realm where people go to trade things otherwise untradeable but not be a actual legitimate realm people played on.

Yes to trade things :slight_smile:

I’d sell mounts that I have but don’t need and then once I hit gold cap I’d transfer the character to a realm I actually play on, send the gold to an alt then transfer the character back.

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Totally reminded me of the extra Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent sitting in my bank for the clout LOL.

I’m 100% certain everyone else does this. It’s just not worth vendoring the mount for the poo poo amount of gold (like 9g or so). Much cooler to keep such a tiny drop chance mount even if you can’t use it/already have it.

The only nice thing left about Old Republic is that everything is BoA.

Not sure if I’d like everything tradeable to others, though. People get means when they want something. >.>

This would be such a disaster in a heavily gear based game like WoW and I’d love to see it

No, nothing would have value.

Nah. That doesn’t sound enticing.

There is one of those private server things that has full loot FFA pvp.

it’s a disaster when you’re in the mindset that it takes two months to get that legendary bow.

when that same bow is in the AH, at 250 listings, losing it stops being that big of a deal.

it’d be a big culture shock but it wouldn’t last - things would settle into a stable rhythm.

I would play it, alts would be so easy lol

I would. And as mentioned above token’s would have to be disabled for the server. No transfers either. Maybe no name changes. Your reputation should follow you around like a shadow.


It would have to be a tokenless server.

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One thing they would never allow on a server like that would be for people to farm on that server in order to transfer wealth back to a regular server. It would have to operate as a separate game, as classic does.

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