A worgen's request

I hope you get to use your natural weapons. An option to hide them would be ideal. Just put a worgen NPC somewhere in stormwind called the naturalist or the feral and once a worgen speaks to him/her he offers to teach them to use their claws (hide their weapons) you speak to him again or a different Npc next to him called the sophisticate who teaches you how to hold weapons again.


Give Worgen claws

Give Worgen tails

Give Worgen Gilneas back


Yes. Please and thank you. That is all.

i feel offended, i made this topic thread a million times before and got no near enough attention like you (right likers?), thats stupid.

I like the idea. It could most easily be done as a “Hide Weapon” option in general for all races, like they have added hidden chestpeice and more. Just hide the weapon, and it would use the unarmed animations.

This, I like this. For many, like Tobias or Genn, the worgen form is a last resort, and that means those outside of the fight like marksmen and sorcerers could possibly remain human until directly attacked. But eventually, yes, when driven to anger - which happens when in combat - worgen are forced into their true form, a constant reminder that they are no longer human. Or maybe even a 30-second countdown, if you are in combat for a continuous amount of time you then shift, like how Stealthman lasts another few seconds before you become visible.

Yeah that’s true enough. If a player wants to be a human in content, and worgen in-character, one can easily play a human toon and roleplay that they are a worgen, to the same effect.

Well, that’s explained a bit more in Curse of the Worgen, Wolfheart, and Before the Storm. Worgen ar enot only have their own rage, but some of Goldrinn’s as well, and are more easily angered than a mere human. The Ritual of Balance does not cure them of this, but does help them harness their untamed rage into harnessed fury to use in combat.

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Join the community sister!



Also, #GiveWorgensRealisticCarnivoreTeethOptions


What is wrong with our teeth?

The main problem is the way the front teeth stick out at weird angles. Also, I would like an option based on a real-world mammalian carnivore skull like you would find in a biology textbook.

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Feral skills in worgen form too please!

Yes full on WW mode. And is it more than just a rumour that feral cat druids in cat form steal things aand break stuff or do they actually steal things and break stuff?

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I need this.

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Let us have tail customization options!


awoos in agreement

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I support.

Let me scratch a fool, Blizzard.

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Sometimes that’s just how it goes.

Claws for Worgen!

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Dentists don’t exist in wow… and if so, which one is a worgen is gonna go to? The Vet or an actual dentist/doctor?

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I mean blue eye’d blood elves/high elves are finally a thing despite so many “nos” I don’t see why not for this suggestion. Kinda surprised it wasn’t a racial of theirs to begin with.

Don’t think it’d effect hunters tho… if it did that’d be kinda silly :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thats part of the reason I don’t really play Worgen. Something about a vicious werewolf smacking you with a stick is silly to me. Even sillier is a vicious werewolf shooting a gun at you. Even if the unarmed thing doesn’t happen I’d like fist weapon transmogs.

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