[A - Whitemane] <HIVEMIND> TBC Classic Speed-running Guild is recruiting

HIVEMIND is a new Whitemane (US) based speed-running guild that is recruiting committed high quality players for TBC Classic.

Guild Objectives:

  1. We are primarily a speed running guild - all motivations are driven by the desire to have the fastest clear times for raid content.

  2. Be considered the most competitive guild on the server & highly competitive globally.



Paladin: Prot (Draenei) x1 / Ret (Draenei) x1 / Holy x1
Shaman: Enh x2 / Ele x2 / Resto x1
Druid: Balance x1
Priest: Holy x1 / Shadow x2
Mage: Arcane x1
Hunter x2
Warlock x2

We are always seeking exceptional players of other classes/specs as well.


HIVEMIND is a demanding guild and we expect high performance from our raiders. Raiders are expected to prioritize contributions to overall guild performance over personal raid meter performance. Important attributes for all classes include, but are not limited to, the following:
-Knowledge and insight for their respective classes
-Efficient usage of skills and abilities
-Execution of mechanics


HIVEMIND is a true split loot council guild. This means that gear is prioritized to main characters over split-alts to maximize loot acquisition. We take this approach to ensure the guild is equipped to speedrun content competitively.

Scheduled Raid Times:

Tues / Thurs 6:30 - 9:30 PM PST

We do not expect people to raid with the guild outside these raid times. Raids are capped at 3 hours. As performance improves splits will be integrated to complete content 2 times a week.

How to apply:

Please contact me on Discord for more information. Contact information is listed below.

Recruitment Officer: Arcanine (Discord: Arcanine#2769)

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