[A] (Whitemane) <Energy> Guild recruiting for Classic and TBC! USA Time Zone!


We are pre recruiting for TBC. Leadership has existed from TBC - MOP and with several runs on TBC private servers. We have always achieved 100% end game content clear with a focus on being laid back without discord raging/drama.

5 10 man raid teams/2 25 mans with a solid 60 raid core. Looking for mature players 21+ aiming for a calm and fun environment. Will be running a Loot Council mixed with a MS > OS.

Tuesday/Thursday 6:30 PM ST start, 6:00 PM ST invite! Will use Sundays for cleanup/pugs/alts!

2 Feral Druid 1 Boomkin 2 locks 2 Shadow Priest 1 Disc Priest 1 Ret Paladin

Looking for active/geared/logged/mains. We run MC(TUE) BWL(THUR) AQ40 GDKP(SUNDAY) Plan to add Naxx into the mix starting in May. Looking for team players who want to help the guild progress and prep for TBC

discord.gg/Kb8FGccz5t Meelina#2887 Feel free to ask any questions!