[A-Whisperwind] <Reprisal> 10/10H SoD LF DPS


We are a heroic progression guild and AOTC is our main focus throughout the expansion. We consider doing mythic bosses after heroic progression but it is not always guaranteed. As a guild we love to run high level mythic+ alongside progression raiding. After progression we do many different guild events such as old content achievement runs, transmog runs, and Alt raids for the current tier. We are all a committed and driven group but we love to have fun while doing so.

We are currently recruiting for next raid tier as we switch to a looser raid schedule for the holidays and end of this raid tier.

Raid Schedule

Day of Week Starting Time Ending Time
Tuesday 7:00 PM CST / 8:00 PM EST 9:30 PM CST / 10:30 PM EST
Thursday 7:00 PM CST / 8:00 PM EST 9:30 PM CST / 10:30 PM EST

Shadowlands Progression

  • Sanctum of Domination: 9/10H
  • Castle Nathria: 10/10H Ahead of the Curve

Mythic+ Schedule

We are also recruiting any and all roles/specs for our mythic plus runs. ( You do NOT need to be a raider to join mythic+) The more the merrier. We setup groups of 5 for players interested in having a committed group to push higher level keys with. We also offer mythic plus fill groups to help people run lower and higher keys who can’t commit to a group or just want to start running mythics on their alt or alt spec.

Day of Week Starting Time Ending Time
Wednesday 7:00 PM CST / 8:00 PM EST Whenever( Up to each group)
Sunday 7:00 PM CST / 8:00 PM EST Whenever

Raid Recruitment Needs


  • Death Knight (DPS)
  • Demon Hunter (DPS)
  • Rogue
  • Any Strong DPS
  • DPS/ Healers with Strong opposing off specs (ie Healer with a strong DPS spec)

Any strong applicants are encouraged to apply. We are always looking for strong and loyal players to help round out our teams and guild. If you are a DPS or Healer with a strong off spec we also encourage you to apply as we are always looking for versatile players who can fill gaps in the group.
Reprisal offers repairs based on guild rank and consumables (Cauldrons and Feasts) for each raid night. We also offer Mythic+ groups, and guild events. We welcome and support all people for who they are and do not tolerate discrimination or bullying of any kind.

For more information about Reprisal, please visit

To apply, please message Atolanos-Whisperwind to get started. All new recruits require trial on a “farm” raid night, usually Tuesday night, before being offered an official raid spot.


Name Role BattleTag Discord
Atolanos Recruiter DrProfessor#1263 Atolanos#4414

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Updated with new information. We are now recruiting for next raid tier so come join us during out achievement runs during our more relaxed raid schedule.