[A-Westfall]<Super Adventure Club> 10-Ulduar 13/13NM, 3HM LFM Saturday @ 8pm EST

is a casual guild for people who like to be good and try. We raid 1 night a week, but have other PUGs thrown in unscheduled here and there. Joining the guild is NOT MANDATORY. Discord alone is fine.

Raid Schedule (10)
Saturdays 8:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. EST.

The Saturday run is for a static 10-player group. We plan to push all HMs down and chase Yog 0 and Algalon eventually, but at our own pace. We are moving through it decently quickly for a 1-night raid. Sometimes we continue for clean-up Sunday/Monday, and fill for whoever can’t make it - have only needed to do for Yog.

Raid Schedule (25)
Fridays 8:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. EST

The Friday run is a semi-pug. It’s composed of ~30-40 people who come sometimes, as a PUG, with no set roster or requirements for attendance. 10/13 nm exp and 4.1k GS (or 212 avg ilvl) required, we sometimes PUG a few spots but usually have enough signups that people need to sit (As of the last few weeks). We have a few 10-player only guilds whose raid here with a handful of members.

It is not mandatory to participate in both raids, if you’re only interested in one.

Loot Rules
Currently running MS+1>OS, with Tier tracked on separate +1s. Will move into Soft Reserves for 25-player soon.

10-player we are very fair and usually pass big upgrades when they come - not super picky, so will keep the MS+1>OS there indefinitely.

Message me if interested.
Discord: CharlieD#7337
BNET: Snoochey#1796

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Just came back to wrath and getting ready for the trip to 80. I have a hunter and a warlock both 70 ( will level whats needed) are you all in need of either of these two classes?