[A] Westfall - Even Keeled - 2 Top 100 US Raid Groups for Naxx

Even Keeled on Westfall is currently recruiting exceptional players of ALL classes and roles with a HEAVY focus on druids, warlocks, and warriors. We are also actively recruiting for TBC. We have been server first for every raid and are 15/15 for Naxx in both groups. We are ranked #15 in the US and #55 in the World for Naxx for Group E and #92 in the US for Group K for Progress. Group E is ranked #75 in the World and #15 in the US for Speed.

We raid Tuesdays for Group E and Wednesdays/Mondays for Group K at 8:00 pm server time.

We run both raid groups on farm and stay consistent.

Our loot system is Loot Council. We will roll some items off for PvP, but big ticket items will be Loot Council.

Our fastest AQ40 time for Group E is 48 minutes and Group K is 51 minutes.

Our ultimate goal is to foster a fun and fulfilling experience with good friends.

Please contact Pointzeroo in game or Point#0001 on discord if interested!

Fill out the application
here as well! https://tinyurl.com/evenkeeledapp

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