(A) We Have Cake 3/12 Mythic Recruitment Bonus Active

(A) We Have Cake Lightbringer
Our guild is growing each raid that passes. Currently 3/12 Mythic.

We are offering a recruitment incentive of a game token after passing 30 day trial or Covering the cost of your server transfer after trial is complete.

Raid times: (New Raid Days and Times)
Tue 530PST - 8PST
Wed 530PST - 8PST
Thur 530PST - 8PST (Only During Content Pushing)

We are a group of friends/raiders who’ve come together far and wide from other servers. We would classify ourselves as Semi Hardcore with a laid back atmosphere. We are building our raid team right now. We are a AOTC guild with mythic progression. Which we will continue to progress further into Shadowlands.

Our team is currently seeking:

Tank (full on the following Unless you have a DPS off spec)
Blood Death Knight
Brew Master Monk
Protection Paladin
Vengeance Demon Hunter

Healers NEED
Holy Paladins
Restoration Druids
Holy Priests
Restoration Shamans
Mist Weaver Monks
Discipline Priests

Shadow Priest
Elemental Shaman
Enhancement Shaman
Destruction Or Affliction Warlock
Balance or feral Druid
Marksman or Beast Master Hunter
Fire or Frost Mage
Assassination or Outlaw Rogue
Frost or Unholy Death Knight
Fury or Arms Warrior
Demon Hunter

Any exceptional player will always be considered, regardless of class/spec. Our roster is serious about progressing at a decent pace.

Expectations: Be an active player. On top of maintaining a 90% raid attendance for raiders, we expect you to be active within the guild and crushing content together outside of raid. Whether that Be Mythic Plus or PvP.
Be knowledgeable about your class.

Be ready for raid. We expect raiders to have done necessary research for boss fights, zone into raid prepared with consumables, tomes, and a good attitude.

We have plenty of hungry key pushers in guild that will be in discord and ready to down the content you are seeking to accomplish.

Most in the guild are veterans to WoW besides for a select few. Everyone is helpful. We want you to have fun. Without the toxic, elite, yelling nonsense.

We do not tolerate sexism, racism, toxic screaming and yelling, or immaturity. On the other hand we do want you to be yourself here, telling jokes and having a good time etc. Making like-minded friends and having a great time here is our goal.

For more info you can add my discord and battle tag for more information!
Sugarcone#6092 -Discord
Chris#12957- Battle Tag

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!

Bump for more players. 11/12H after week one. Keep up the good work.

Nzoth down bumping for heals and ranged

Bump for glory

Bumping 2/12 M good job lets keep it rolling.

3/12M need a heal and some range Dps

bumping for more dps

Bumping for New Raid Days and Times. Also Check out or New Recruit Bonus.

LFM whit a Bump

to the top for more dedicated range

Hi sent you a friend invite. What are your current recruit needs?