[A] <We can still time this>

Hey all!

Are currently 10/10 H 2/10M and are looking to bolster our numbers for further mythic progression this tier and the next tier.

We are currently looking at all specs and classes to fill the numbers up for keystone pushing and raiding. The mythic progression team is looking for DPS specifically of any class or spec, and possibly a tank. Some healers are needed too!

We raid Wednesday and Sunday. 8:00pm to 10:30pm. What we look for in a raider is punctuality, honesty and obviously the enjoyment to play the game.

We enjoy having a laugh and progressing on mythic bosses and just generally talking on discord you’ll find most of us are in there talking away about anything.

If you have any further enquires, please feel free to dm my battle tag Jor#1175 and we can discuss anything further.