A way to give worgen (and other races) tails!

Yeah, I’m going there. I was having a conversation last night about this on my server.

Hear me out - make cat/wolf/bear/animal ears a head transmog option as well as animal tails an option for the back transmog.

As a worgen druid, I have many other forms that have tails - even my werebear! She’s got a lil nubby tail! Since we haven’t been given playable races like Naga, Ogres, or Murlocs (fiteme), this would be a way to incorporate a little more personalization to our toons. Kind of like the cute glasses! For races that have ears on their head, like myself, simply add the phrase “unavailable for this character” or something of the like. Or, when we turn into human form, have them shown, but not wolfie form.

I know Actiblizzon would say, “Well what’s in it for us?” … Welllll… putting them in the cash shop for like $5 wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Alright, so I know people are gonna hate on me because of this… remember that Final Fantasy 14 is doing pretty well rn because of all the people migrating over there. I can only imagine how many of you have a character that is the cat person race! Or the bunny… bc Fran from FF12…

Just an idea!


Wow that would be wonderful!

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Hey, I’m glad someone likes the idea!! I was expecting the opposite lol. The comment that sparked this conversation was something similar to “WoW would give us catgirls before naga” and well… they kind of already can give up catgirls via the method I suggested.

Maybe the overlords will read this and think it’s a good idea?

I do indeed play a Miqo’te in FFXIV.

I hold the opinion that for the intents of keeping WoW different that I am not in favour of this suggestion. While cute - no doubt I think it would come off as a ‘copycat’ vibe which while alone isn’t a bad thing will look pretty bad in the current situation.



Also, you are right. I don’t think they’d look right on many characters lol


Thank you hehe :smiley_cat:<3

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I support giving worgen rat tails. Because that makes as much sense as giving them any other kind of tail, because worgen don’t have tails.


If implemented, these would probably be cash shop items.

Yeh, that’s why I suggted a price tag of like $5

Yeah, the main reason I even play Vulpera over like a Worgen is because of their big tail. Since you see your character from the back all the time, getting to see the big tail is nice.

Plus a werewolf type race without a tail just seems weird to me.

that’s like saying “since human males didn’t have beards at the beginning of the game, they shouldn’t be added because humans don’t have beards”

It’s never said in the lore they don’t have tails. And official art from Blizzard themselves has even show Worgen having tails. (It was for some sort of carnival event or something last year or the year before.)


It’s never said in lore that humans don’t have a spare leg protruding from their head either. Fortunately they don’t have to say it when they can show it.

Yes there was some concept art where the artists gave them tails. And even a line in one of the novels I believe, where a worgen character (I think it was Genn) refers to having a tail. But it was addressed and confirmed to be an error.

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Only if it’s $5 per tail.

I want to be the abomination running around with 20+ skeletal tails whipping about as I run after you with my pistol and sword.


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I just want a full on bunny race added to WoW. Big cotton tails and everything.

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Don’t forget to bump the over a year old megathread! Give Worgen Tails


I didn’t know this thread existed!! Thank you!! Do you think I’m able to post this thread there?

“Sin’dorei don’t have blue eyes, and Tauren don’t have antlers.” - Any player from every expansion, up to Legion.

“Times change.” - Garrosh from WoD.


All bumps are good bumps. Unless they are bad. :smiley:

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Well, of course, the furries will be all over it.

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Fur real LOL

Ironic coming from a tauren :wink:


On Moon Guard we don’t need anything else to encourage the furries.

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