[A] Warrior (Tank or DPS) LF Raiding Guild

I’m crossing my fingers hoping there is a guild out there that needs a warrior to fill a tank or dps spot. I joined my guild after already hitting 70 and getting pre raid bis, so I was not present when raids began. I quickly geared up in Kara and any 25 mans I could get into. Unfortunately, I’m looking for a new home because there is simply no room for another tank or dps in my guild’s 25 man roster come phase 2.

I am a prot main, but also would love to dps as fury or arms (take any necessary talents for the raid) if a spot is available. My tank gear is almost all bis phase 1 and my dps set is pretty decent too. I have some experience in SSC from tbc and private servers, a little less experience in TK.

Afternoon or evening raids work best for me, I am usually off work by 3pm PST. If you think you might have a spot for me or have any questions, please send a whisper or ask here.

is looking for more members, active raids, multiple groups to try to fit everyones needs. Message us in game.