[A] Warlock looking for casual progression guild

Hello. I am looking for a casual progression guild doing heroic, maybe going into mythic who sin’t overly concerned with firsts and more so just having fun and raiding with friends. Right now the only nights I have available to raid are:

Tuesday and Wednesday at pretty much any time.

I have raided before back in BC, WolTK, and cata but stopped after that and had to make a new account. I always raided as a rogue which i also have at level 120 if needed for raids, but I am looking to raid as a warlock for the first time. Currently just doing LFR to try and get used to “raiding” as a ranged DPS as I was always used to melee. I am also leveling up a warrior and paladin as I also have tanking and healing experience in a raid environment.

It has been while so I am rusty, but would like to get back into non LFR raids to get the dust off and I am still learning all the new gearing systems and what is best for my char.

battletag: Kermster#1138

Currently in a dead beat guild for the perks. Would love to hear from someone!

Thank you!