[A] Warborn Recruiting

Recruiting 2x Holy Pally
Any skilled player who feels they can earn a spot.

To join, say hi in our discord channel: discord.gg/FfkrQWc and after a short conversation, if everything is a fit, we will grant access to the members area or send us a tell in game.

Hope to chat with you soon!

Contact Wylde, Pucks, Punyhuman or Doinkz

Our needs have changed! At this time we are looking for: 1 fury warrior
Please hit us up in game if interested.

We only raid 2 times a week. T/Th at 8pm server! Looking forward to chatting with you!

Update current needs: 1 dagger rogue OR 1 fury warrior
AND 1 holy paladin

Feel free to message me in discord with inquiries: Kaeyleah#9415

request sent

Current needs updated: 1 rogue preferably daggers.

Feel free to hit me up in game or in discord! Looking forward to talking with you =)

New needs!

1 rogue
1 lock or mage
1 priest

Hit me up in game or in discord if interested Kaeyleah#9415

Rogues! All I really want is Rogues!
In the morning just ROGUES!

We have spots for: Rogues!

UPDATE: Looking for 1 Warlock and 1 Holy Pally.