[A] Volatile LF Quality Ranged Dps


We’re Volatile of Whisperwind. We’re a long standing stable guild with many members being together for 7+ years. Currently 8/12M with eyes on downing Drest soon. We always strive to create a relaxed but focused atmosphere to appease both our more casual members and our raid focused members. We’re looking to finish the tier and move into Shadowlands with a strong core!

Current needs: (Bolded being most desired)
Fire Mage
Balance Druid
Shadow priest
Ele Shaman
BM Hunter

Will consider any exceptional players even if your class/spec isn’t listed

Even if you aren’t looking to raid full time, we’ll consider more casual players to fill spots or just hang out with. :slight_smile: We love to do stuff outside of raid including M+, PVP, mount, mog and achievement runs.

Raid days:
Tues Optional Heroic N’zoth 8pm EST
Weds 8-11pm EST
Thurs 8-11pm EST

Hope to hear back from you! Feel free to fill out the application below or get in contact with any of the below! (https://)forms.gle/9KiAoRppk5Cg1yan7
without the ( )
Shestrouble#1147 / Shestrouble#0286
Ansys#11790 / Ansys#9073
Kiwi#1619 / Kiwi#1619
Stormed#11374 / Didi#3476