A very long and sentimental thread. @Echo Isles

This will be the most pathetic thing I have ever written. I’m sentimental. I was playing here on Echo Isles around 2005. I was 15 then, and I just turned 30 on Sept 12th.

My first experience was rolling vav here as a Night Elf. Man, that music, the atmosphere. It was wonderful. I was exploring a brand new, detailed, massive world.

As I played on the server, I learned a lot. I learned mistakes, I learned humility, and I learned about People. The good, the bad, and the weird.

A fellow named “Beep” was my introduction to what a server troll was. Someone that people loved, hated, and sometimes loved to hate. I can’t remember what he did to get the title to be honest. Walmarto on the other hand (Sporting his rose colored glasses and wedding dress) crashed the alliance Auctionhouse. They were both entertaining, and they both tusseled from time to time.

On this server, I also met two very important people that I will likely never see or hear from again. Kareb was a warrior roughly my age if not slightly younger with a head on his shoulders and the patience of a saint. A draenei named Delalune which I became close friends with.

I remember one of the first major guilds I was a part of. probably even my first. the Blood Pack. Naturally, since I was young and new to RPGs, my frustration and anger caused angst and resentment to most of the guilds I was in. I grew from that when I learned that I was the problem, and I grew out of it as the expansions went on. By the time Cata came around, I knew the way of things.

Memories were made, and unfortunately due to my medications, some of those memories were lost. On this server I learned many values, many skills, and matured in many ways.

No matter what happens to this game, whatever direction it may go in, whatever wanted and unwanted changes that are made, I thank Echo Isles and everyone on it for the Joys, the tragedies, the smiles, the cries, the friendships, the enemies. Everything.


I recently returned to this server after a long break (from both wow and playing on a different server) and know how you feel. This was my first mmo and that’s an experience you really only get once. I remember making my first online friend, a human warrior named Bluebean that I grouped with to quest in Redridge. From there he introduced me to my first guild, Savvy and later Exile. Lots of good people and memories. Also remember beep and walmarto.

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I remember savvy! They were a pretty intense raiding guild right? It’s amazing how things have changed. I’ve lost touch with so many people, and I can only look back and regret that I did. There is one that I met on here that I’m still in touch with. She’s very sweet, and one of my best and closest friends.

If there’s anyone left in Savvy, shoutout. You guys were awesome.