[A] Veni Vidi Vici - LF Raiders! Server #17

(Pallhy) #1
About Us:
We are an old guild formed in TBC. We are looking to increase our raid roster for Battle for Azeroth with like minded players who's goals match ours. We are currently 8/8 normal and 7/8 Heroic and ranked #17 on the server for progression.

Our Goals:

  • Mythic+ (we're currently running up to +10's weekly
  • Progress each raid tier through Heroic and obtain AOTC for that tier.
  • We are **NOT** a Mythic Raidin guild. Once Heroic is on Farm, we will bring in and gear Alts, for anyone who wants to switch class/roles between tiers.

We are a laid back group, with a small list of requirements:
  • Make Illidan proud and "Be Prepared" for raid (fight knowledge, pots, food, chants etc - as we progress the guild will be able to provide more of this to it's raiders)
  • Be punctual and reliable, at minimum, have good communication if you cant make a raid.
  • Have a sense of humor (dirty preferred)
  • Work as a team

Raid Times:
  • Tuesday 8:30 - 11:30 EST
  • Saturday 8:30 - 11:30+ EST (may go later on a Saturday night if all is going well)
  • Seasonal Change - Saturday is swapped for Thursday in the Spring/Summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day)

Currently prioritizing invites for:
  • Tanks: DPS players with Tank off-spec (DK/Monk)
  • Healers: Druid, Holy Pally, Priest
  • Melee DPS: Death Knight
  • Ranged DPS: Balance Druid
  • *note: a spot can be found for any exceptional/reliable player

Dax#1286 for further info
or via discord here https://discord.gg/9CjtaK7

(Crisix) #2
Hey ill be in touch on discord

(Pallhy) #3
G'huun dead... come join us.

(Sparkyhun) #4
Interested added u on btag

(Pallhy) #5
10/12/2018 10:23 PMPosted by Sparkyhun
Interested added u on btag

Come on!

(Crisix) #6
Did you update our Heroic status?

(Pallhy) #7
5/8 now. we need a healer and a dps.. bring it on! ;)

(Pallhy) #8
6/8 , come join the fun. we still need a healer and a dps!

(Pallhy) #9
7/8 Ya'll! AOTC, come get it.

(Mysterons) #10

New forums! Still recruiting!