[A] <Velocity> Raid focus guild Recruiting Fri/Sat 5pm Raiding

Brand new exciting guild of experienced and hella fun players that want to include you in a good time in raiding and dungeons. Kara on Farm with Team 1. Team 2 needs to fill some slots to include a Druid Tank, Warlock, and an Ele/resto Shaman.

PST Kelrador, or /who Velocity and ask for a guild leader if interested. Please be geared in at least all blues, and come to raid complete with food buffs/flasks/pots/elixirs. A good attitude is a must and those who are offended easily need not apply. Our chats can get edgy, but there are limits and we try to keep it respectful overall and just want to make sure everyone leaves feeling like they had a great time!

Loot is MS>OS 2 piece cap (unless all pass). Tier pieces are rollable by all and not affected by MS>OS gear count.

Drujitsu, co-GM

Myzrael-Alliance 2021

Bumping for Update:

Recruiting now for Zul’Aman Teams, effective Sat March 26th.

Raids 5pm Server. 3 hour commitment required.

Look forward to meeting you in game and with the team!