[A] <Vanilla> | Loot List | Wed/Fri 8-11:30 EST

Vanilla - A Traditional Raiding Guild
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:chart_with_upwards_trend: Progression
T10 <<>> 25s - 12/12H | 10s - 12/12H
T9 <<>> 25s - 50/50 H | 10s - 50/50 H
T8 <<>> 25s - 14/14 - 54/54pts | 10s - 14/14 - 54/54pts
T7 <<>> 17/17 (3D 10 and 25, no zerg - Immortal/Undying)

:calendar_spiral: Phase 5 Raid Schedule
Wednesday - 8:00 - 11:30 EST
Friday - 8:00 - 11:30 EST
10s and other content held on off nights! We also have an active SoD chapter.

:scroll: Who we are:

  • We are veteran players of World of Warcraft, run by former gladiators and world first raiders that are passionate about the game and the community that has been built within and around it.
  • Team-building is one of our core tenets. We’re looking to create a friendly, inclusive community-focused environment for players interested in working together to overcome challenges as a team.
  • As the name hints at, we are old school at heart. We focus on traditional gameplay and strategies vs sensationalized METAs.

:handshake: What we expect from you as a member:

  • Uphold our values within the guild and the larger server community
  • Knowledge of your class and basic game / raid mechanics
  • Willingness to come prepared (consumes/gems/enchants)
  • Open to giving/receiving constructive feedback
  • β‰₯90% Attendance

=/= What makes us different:

  • A supportive community that enhances your experience in-game
  • Transparency in all guild decisions; all leadership is held to the same standards as our members
  • Highly structured and fairest loot system on the market (say goodbye to loot drama!)
  • Through efficient distribution of our collective resources, the guild bank provides full coverage of all consumables, gems, enchants, etc.

:mag::pray: Our greatest needs are:

Death Knight (DPS) - High
Shaman (Enhance) - High
Paladin (Holy) - Medium

We are currently recruiting most ranged/melee DPS. Even if your class/spec is not listed above, interested applicants are still encouraged to apply.

A note to potential applicants: While will not be pursuing progression 25H raiding in Cataclysm, we are maintaining our Wrath 25H raiding activities all the way through the pre-expansion patch, up until launch day. Anyone interested in raiding with us for the remainder of the expansion and finishing out strong, but might have plans to look elsewhere afterwards, are still encouraged to apply!

For more information, contact mikeyangelo on Discord.
Feel free to check out our website and gallery, join our Discord server, and use the GoogleForm to submit an application:




Come hit boss and get loot