[A] <Vanilla> | Loot List | Wed/Fri 8-11:30 EST

Vanilla - A Traditional Raiding Guild
Pagle | NA - PVE | Alliance | Loot List | EST

Recruiting for Wrath Classic

Current Progression
13/14 (24/54pts - 25s || 36/54pts - 10s)
17/17 (3D 10 and 25, no zerg - Immortal/Undying)

Phase 2 Raid Schedule
Wednesday - 8:00 - 11:30 EST
Friday - 8:00 - 11:30 EST
10-mans and other content held on off nights!

We are veteran players of World of Warcraft, run by former gladiators and world first raiders that are passionate about the game and the community that has been built within and around it.

We’re looking to create a friendly, inclusive community-focused environment for players interested in working together to overcome challenges as a team.

We believe that success in World of Warcraft comes from introspective personal and group play.

Team-building is one of our core tenets. We believe that a healthy roster with a fair rotation of sits is the key to continued success. We don’t recruit bench-warmers, so all exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of current posted needs.

As the name hints at, we are old school at heart. We focus on traditional gameplay and strategies vs sensationalized meta builds that have become popularized today.

What we expect from you as a member:

Uphold our values within the guild and the larger server community
Knowledge of your class and basic game / raid mechanics
Willingness to come prepared (consumes / gems / enchants)
Open to giving and receiving constructive feedback
85% expected raid-attendance

What you can expect from us as member:
A supportive community that enhances your experience in-game
Transparency in all guild decisions
All leadership is held to the same standards as our members
We are currently recruiting:

Ele Sham
Holy Paladin

We encourage all applications, as all may be considered!

For more information you can contact Stuneree#9283 on Discord.
Also, feel free to check out our website or join the discord linked below.
https ://vanilla.guildtag.com

Discord inv: jy2vUbpeTm

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