[A] [US] (Phoenix Vanguard) is recruiting for RAIDERS, M+ and CASUAL PLAYERS

My guild, Phoenix Vanguard (US-Emerald Dream), is looking to fill out our ranks a bit and believe that being friendly and helping each other out are important.

Emerald-Dream is a high population server and is the only server that is almost 50/50 horde to alliance! It’s technically an RP server but you have to look for it to find it, we’re not MoonGuard. Also, we have a non-toxic trade chat and people are always willing to help someone out.

Recruiting Needs (Raid):
1 Tank (Preferably a Prot Warrior, Prot Pally or BrM Monk)
Healers (Preferably a MW Monk/Resto Shaman)
1 Elemental Shaman
1 Shadow Priest
Any DPS interested in our guild

Raid Times!
Tuesday & Wednesday (Progression):
CST - 8 pm to 11 pm (Server Time)
EST - 9 pm to 12 am
PST - 6 pm to 9 pm
Monday - Optional Extra Progression/Farm Night)

What we expect from applicants:
Ability to attend at least 85% of raids (not including the optional night)
Friendly, team player attitude
Ability to communicate on Discord
Knowledgeable about class/spec
Performance is only looked at when we get stuck, get into mythic or when someone needs a little help figuring out what small changes they can make to boost their performance.

We also expect that you’re working on your gear outside of raid, WQ’s, assaults, Warfronts, M+, Islands (level up the necklace) etc., keep in mind we’re doing it too, so you won’t be alone. We’re in this together and it’s a group effort.

We’re Alliance (US), 9/9N 6/9H, working on finishing up AOTC, then moving into mythic. CE would be nice but we’re not CE focused, so no burnout. We have discord so we can communicate during raid; we provide food, flasks, hammers, enchants, gems etc…we just need a couple more people that really WANT to raid. If you’re rusty or inexperienced we can help, we call everything out and explain mechanics beforehand. We’re not dicks and we don’t yell.

Since the new raid is coming out April 16th, once we get AOTC we’ll be alternating between mythic progression and farming gear etc. for the new raid.

We do M+, PvP, tmog runs, WM, leveling, timewalking, islands…Pushing M+ keys is usually on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but if we’re on we’re usually up for anything!

Add me on either bnet: Delirium#11294 or on discord: Delirium#2128

YES, we’d prefer you to join our guild so you can be a part of our group when we go into mythic…but it’s ok if that’s not what you’re looking for right now. Off server raiders are ok for now ((though there is a sale for realm transfers going on until the end of March!))

Please look us up on WowProgress (.com) [A] Phoenix Vanguard