[A][US][Malfurion/Trollbane] <Calamity> [Sun/Tues: 8:45-11:00 EST]

Hello! Calamity is a tight knit group of raiders who have been raiding together since Legion. We raid 4 hrs/wk, Sunday/Tuesday from 8:45 - 11PM EST. Our guild is mostly ages 20+ with regular 9-5s which do not allow for more raiding days/hours.

Despite our limited hours, we did well against the Burning Legion (Top Mythic Alliance during NH, 1st Alliance to kill H KJ, 3rd H Argus). Currently, we are 9/9H & 1/9M BoD, 2/2 H Crucible and looking to add more to our roster to continue Mythic BoD progression!

We are interested in DPS who are the right fit personality-wise. Previous raid experience is preferred, but newbies are also welcome - we can train you and help you improve your mechanics as long as you are willing to put in some time and effort to practice.

If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to any of our officers below - we can toss you an invite as a Recruit. Let us know what your experience level is and what you’re looking for when you send us a message!

  • Raid times: Sunday and Tuesday, 8:45PM-11:00PM EST

  • AOTC not required! All DPS roles are desired. Newbies welcome; just let us know what your experience level is in raids so we know what to expect.

  • DBM\Bigwigs and Discord required.

  • Food\Flasks\Repairs\Enchants provided to our raider ranks.

  • No alt requirements; however, we do ask everyone to designate a main, and will prioritize gear to mains.

  • You will need to sim your character. We can help if you’ve never done it before, and the guild has premium Raidbots in Discord to skip the line.


  • Kaelei-Trollbane
  • Jadedglaives-Trollbane
  • Alorá-Malfurion
  • Kayess -Trollbane
  • Sylvexa-Trollbane
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Kaelei, I would like to know more I can be reached @ chunkchunk#1245 for Bnet and Hoss#1864

Haoss did you end up talking with one of us?

Hey there! Thanks for reaching back out, I sent you a friend request on Battle. Hope to talk to you soon :smiley:

recruiting all especially a priest!