[A][US][Malfurion/Trollbane] <Calamity> 9/9N 6/9H recruiting healer


Decided to make a new post for BFA since the old thread was made in 2016!

[A][US][Malfurion/Trollbane] <Calamity> [Tue/Sun: 8:45-11:00 EST]

Hello everyone! <Calamity> is a tight knit group of raiders who have been raiding together all of Legion! We raid 4 hours a week Tuesday and Sunday. This is because most of our guild are ages 20-30 with regular 9-5 jobs that cant dedicate more than 2 nights a week to raiding. Even while only raiding 4 hours a week, we still had moderate success against the Burning Legion (Top mythic Alliance during NH, first Alliance to kill H KJ, 3rd H Argus) and we hope to continue that success against the Horde!

We are also planning on taking PvP a bit more seriously this expansion, several of our members reached 2k+ ranking and will attempt to put together more organized PvP events. We have a very active discord, with priority Raidbots sims for all our raiders! We also provide food, gems, enchants, and repairs, to anyone that attains our raider rank. Hit myself or any officer up for more details!

Raid times:

Tuesday 8:45PM-11:00PM EST

Sunday 8:45PM-11:00PM EST


Healer, ANY

DPS, DH, Rogue.

That being said, if you are just looking to hang out, or have never raided before and would like to get your foot in the door, please reach out! If you feel you bring more to the table then a normal player, also let me know!


DBM\Bigwigs and Discord required. You are not required to talk in voice just listen.

Food\Flasks\Repairs\Enchants provided to our raider ranks.

No alt requirements, but we do require you to stick to one raiding character during a tier.

You are expected to know how to sim your character in order to maximize your effectiveness. We will of course help you if you are unsure how, and the guild has a premium Raidbots Discord bot to help you skip the line.

We have a semi regular night of non WoW drunken fun. Put together by Kayess, we get on Discord to drink and play browser based games together! Not required at all, just a fun way to pass the time on Saturday nights!

Reach out to any of our officers if you have any questions

Solar -Trollbane
Jadedglaives -trollbane
Alorá -Malfurion
Kayess -trollbane
Heathen -trollbane
Kaelei- Trollbane.

(Pargelenis) #2

Hello everyone! It has been a while since we’ve posted here, but I think it would be a good idea and see if anyone might be interested and give us a look!

Calamity is actively recruiting to add to our raid team. We still raid our regular hours 8:45PM-11:00PM EST Tuesday and Sunday. Don’t be afraid to ask, we are here to help out! We are currently 9/9N 6/9H and looking to finish it out and make some moves onto mythic!

Feel free to reply here with any questions or reach out to me in game or at Tig#12969!

(Pargelenis) #3

Greetings everyone again! Such a short reply but I wanted to say that we are officially 9/9N and 9/9H! A great team we had here but still looking to add more to get into mythic!

Be sure to message me or any officer listed above in game of the original post or my battle tag Tig#12969!

(Pargelenis) #4

Hello everyone, again! Still looking for people to add to our raid team to progress into mythic!

We are primarily looking for DPS, but anyone is welcome! Previous raid experience is preferred, but newbies are also welcome - we can train you and help you improve your mechanics as long as you are willing to put in some time and effort to practice.

Feel free to message any of our officers listed below, leave a reply here or even message me in game or at my battle tag Tig#12969!

  • Kaelei-Trollbane
  • Jadedglaives-Trollbane
  • Alorá-Malfurion
  • Kayess -Trollbane
  • Sylvexa-Trollbane


Hi, I’ve been searching for a new guild for a while now. You guys seem like you’d be a nice fit for me. I have Heroic BoDa experience, currently 7/9H. I also am interested in the PvP content that you do. I mostly tank and currently am focused on my warrior. He is 403 equiped. I have a Monk that is 406 Brew and MW. Several other characters that I play daily that are closer to the 395 range. Basically, I’m flexible and can do anything that is needed. I really enjoy tanking M+ as well, if that is something you guys like to do also.

The characters I play more often and would be easier to contact me on, are:
Virash-Malfurion (Druid)
Borgrimm-Malfurion (Warrior)
Nianzu-Malfurion (Monk)
Märc-Malfurion ((DK) the ä is alt-132)

My battle tag is Bonhomme#11712

Thank you, hope to hear from you soon.


Hello! I’m coming back to the game after a brief break, looking for a new home as apparently my old guild suddenly swapped to horde haha.

My bnet is Amaterasu#12788, I’m a holy/disc priest and I also play DK (all specs). I’ve got pretty decent raid exp on both. I also pvp a ton. I’m 2200+ arena and rbg exp across almost every season, I’m a monster target caller on my DK for rbgs.

Priest: Lights- Malfurion
DK: Dark- Trollbane