[A] [US] <Lost Soldiers> is recruiting for all content! Casual N/H & Mythic Push raiding 3/8M

Lost Soldiers is an 18+ friendly community of players looking for new members across all content! Whether you’re a player here for social activities in-game & Discord, a serious raider, or a Mythic+ lover, Lost Soldiers has a little bit of everything for you!

SOCIAL - Being the #1 Active guild in the realm means our Discord and in-game chat are populated at all times of the day by those who are looking to run fun groups of various activities or just hang out at all times. Our guild is always down for silly banter and making others comfortable and getting to know each other. Occasionally, social events with prize rewards are organized within our ranks, like discord games, fishing events, drunk pvp/raids, trivia, running old raids/transmog runs, and more!

MYTHIC+ - Our ranks are always running weekly Mythic+ and are always down to help gear guildies who are just starting out. Our ranks are comfortable pushing between 0-11+, and a more modest sized group of players serious about pushing 11-17+.

RAID #1 - We boast TWO Raids groups, one for regular guildies who consider themselves more of a casual player, who want time to practice at a slower pace. Our regular team will be running one Normal difficulty per week (Wed @ 7-9PM CST), and one Heroic (Sun @ 7-9PM CST). The ilvl requirement for this Raid is 410. **These may or may not be entire clears depending on how well the group does each week, or how fast the team is able to go, who shows up each given day. This group is more loosely built and far more casual than our progression group and is more ‘entry level’ for people who are still gearing and working on their builds & rotations. It’s a great social opportunity for the guild, but any serious raiders should consider our progression group if they’re interested in raiding more seriously, in a team environment.

RAID #2 (PROGRESSION) - Tuesday & Thursday 7-9pm CST is our progression group who will be pushing thought mythic. Our Progressive raiding group is 3/8M and looking for confident ranged DPS and one straight healer (Monk, Disc Priest, or Pally). Please note, that we have a very solid core tank & healing team, and we are not actively recruiting for these roles. If you are adamant about playing in Tank or Healing spec and are interested in Raiding with our guild, you will essentially have to “beat out” another Raider from their slot, for fairness sake. **Understand that these roles are highly competitive and it doesn’t hurt to run an off-DPS spec at times. If you’re passionate about your character growth and willing to put the time in we have players who are willing to help gear your other spec.

There are no requirements to join the guild, as we don’t force players into raid or specific activities, but players interested in our Progression Raid group please note that the process is the same for every player regardless of ability, ilvl or ‘experience’. You must speak to a Raid Leader and request a “try-out” during either Wednesday or Sunday’s regular raid so that they can assess your eligibility.

Reach out to an Officer to get an invite or more information!

Raid Specific Questions to: DeathlyOmen#1661
General Recruitment Questions to: maidkitty#11618

I just started playing again and I am a little rusty and overwhelmed but the digestion process has started and I would like to get back into guild play. I am happiest when helping and although I haven’t played since wrath, I used to be pretty solid at raid tanking/dps and very solid at pvp. I’m on Destromath, name of main is Scorpo and I am currently working on getting my bfa flying rights so I can swap to war mode full time. Please consider me. Thanks.