[A] US-Atiesh <Stormlight> Casual Progression Raiding

Stormlight is looking to recruit to finish off TBC and prepare for Wrath. We are a group of players that enjoy playing together, don’t take the game too seriously but still are able to progress and down bosses. We are currently 12/14, progression has slowed recently due to some guildies leaving to real life issues and breaks from the game. We are looking to bolster our roster to help us continue to push forward. We run progession raids on Tues and Thurs from 8-11pm server time (PST).

Ideally we could use some ranged DPS and maybe a healer or two. We have flexibility with numerous alts and alt specs in the guild.

We are a mature guild made up of mostly adults/parents/couples/older folks so we are understanding of real life issues that can arise. Minimal drama and excellent leadership help keep us focused and on track.

If you feel we could be a good fit for you then message me on discord and I will send you the link :slight_smile: Spankmeplzz#5638


We are still looking for a few more to bolster our numbers. We would love an Ele Shaman, Boomkin, Hunter, Shadow Priest or Resto Shaman! We are also open to talks with other classes if you feel our guild would be a good fit for you :slight_smile:

Updating for current needs.

We are 11/14 phase 3 and looking forward to progressing further into BT and onto Sunwell. Also Wrath planning is beginning!


Resto Shaman or Druid
Feral Druid (Tank)
Shadow Priest

What times?

We run our progression raids Tues and Thurs 8-11 server time (PST)

We are currently in need of a healer and possibly a dps to bolster our roster as we finish off BT and plan to hit up SWP post nerf.

Let me say this quite simply
I joined a guild back in the day who’s guild “slogan” was an overly extended sugar coated and honey glazed version of the bright and glowing city of OZ and thier leader knew exactly what people were hoping to hear - it ended badly

I later joined a guild who’s slogan was much like your own simple and straight to the point thier leader dropped down exactly who she was and she stuck to her guns - I miss her…

Now tbh I do enjoy being a lil sarcastic from time to time but I do appreciate a more mature enviroment =)

…ok, done with my random rant.

I hear ya! It can be tough to find a good guild of people but when you do it makes the game so much more enjoyable!

I am also no stranger to sarcasm because with 4 kids and a husband I pretty much need it to stay sane…lol