[A][US] <Adoration> 9/9M leadership. Need All Roles!

<Adoration> is a newly formed raiding guild with the goal of achieving Cutting Edge and looking to improve from there.

Our leadership is made up of 9/9M players with top 40 US and above raiding experience in guilds such as Arathian Knights, WC Gaming, and Focus Up. We strive to create a raiding environment we can all enjoy being a part of and achieve results we can be proud of.

We are located on Sargeras as Alliance.

Raid Times:

  • 9:30-1:30 EST Tues/Wed/Thurs
  • Mon being added for week 1 of Mythic only

We are still in the process of building our roster so we are currently recruiting all classes/roles and interested in talking to you regardless of experience.

Please feel free to add any of our officers on BNet or Discord to chat.

BNet: ik0#1740; Discord: ik#2428
BNet: Firemancer#1343; Discord: Firemancer#1343
BNet: AbbyMeow#1475; Discord: Abby#2612


Would love some tanks :slight_smile:

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gamer’s needed

I would certainly be interested. BNet is Sieryuu89#1706

hum dee dum still need everything


Still looking for more!

I :heart: Wow

Come Kill bosses

Lets get ready for 8.2 next week!!!

Still looking!

Hi, 9/9m Fury Warrior here. Sent a discord request to Firemancer!

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We’re getting there. Just a few more spots to round out the group!

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i havve a lvl 120 BM monk that has about 100 Free hold kills!

Need tankaroos

Come join 8.2 activities

Looking for a healer (prefer hpal/rsham), a tank, and a few dps spots (prefer spriest,boomy,DH,lock). But all are open to apply!

Hpal here multi glad arena experience and some random ahead of the curve mythic experience…not a huge raider but looking to get back in the mix

typically only raided for pieces I needed but interested in a committed guild LMK…can put the work in for gear/optimizing talents

DM one of us for the application!