<A> Unyielding 3/9M LFM Ranged dps. 8 - 11 cst

Hello ! Unyielding on Lightbringer is looking for a few more players to push content in the next upcoming tier. Unyielding was established with the thought of just raiding but as we grew and pushed we found a desire for more. We currently have a solid roster of people but we would like a few more so we don’t have to pug for mythic content and push to full clear all bosses. We currently raid on Tuesday/Thursday/Sundays from 8 - 11 CST.

We currently need some melee and ranged dps. We currently do not need a healer but we would consider someone that was willing to be a back up with a strong dps capabilities.

Any ranged dps class can reach out to me for a chat. Mages and Warlocks are on a high need.

Not in super need of melee at this moment, all classes can be considered.

Healers we could use 1 more healer but would be riding the bench if you only would want to heal.

Please reach out to me on discord for a formal chat about requirements and any other concerns you may have. Disbeliever#1140 - I do not put my battlenet here as I miss tells frequently and are not saved.

Hit me up in discord if interested.

Online now, come chat with me.

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Aberrus , the Shadowed Crucible is a month out and we are recruiting for our Mythic roster. Now is the time to join our awesome team. Reach out to DB on Discord for more information at Disbeliever#1140. We look forward to meeting you!


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Why so Srs? Looking for a Priest, either Shadow or Disc/Holy.

We are now 3/9 Mythic! Recruiting ranged DPS and a Tank. Message DB if interested.
Discord: Disbeliever#1140

still looking hit me up lightbringer.