[A] Unmonitored Lemmings! 8/8H Recruiting For Mythic

Unmonitored Lemmings On Greymane-Tanaris is looking for more to round out our core raid groups. We raid Heroic on Thursday and Saturday, while Friday is for our Mythic Raid team. We are currently 8/8 Heroic Eternal Palace.

About Us:
We are a laid back raiding guild that provides a relaxed environment for raiding and running mythic plus dungeons. We have members that are experience in all levels of keys, ranging from 5-8s all the way up to 15-16s.

Raid Times:
Heroic Raid Team: Thursday/Saturday 7:30pm-10:30pm CST.
Mythic Raid Team: Friday 7:30pm-10:30pm CST.

Current Needs By Raid Group:
Heroic Raid Team:
DPS : Always accepting new DPS.
Healers : Good on Healers, but always accepting more to provide the option to rotate into different roles.
Tank : Currently filled, but if applicant is wanting to tanking we can arrange a rotation with the current tanks.

Mythic Raid Team: Immediate needs as follows.
DPS: Need 4 melee or ranged
Healers: Need 1 healer (any class)
Tank: Need 1 tank (any class) for a permanent position in the roster

How To Raid:
Must be at least iLevel 410ish or around there for Heroic raids.
Must be at least iLevel 430ish or around there for Mythic raids.
Must be able to pull around 30k sustained single target DPS for Mythic Raids.

While we don’t critique fellow guildies play styles in raids, we will have to remove a player from the raid if it becomes apparent that their damage/healing is just too low for a specific encounter. We would rather work with them on how to improve it before this happens though.

How To Join?:
Contact Palthas-Greymane in game or through battle tag @ValinEndac#1236 or on Discord @ValinEndac#7592

Can’t Join?:
If you are stuck in a family oriented guild that doesn’t raid and just can’t accept the idea of parting ways, we do offer a raiding community as an alternative to joining the guild.

All members of the community that raid regularly with us will be treated as core raid members with no distinction between guild and non-guild members. Simply sign up on the in-game calendar for the raids that you will be able to attend. (exception to the rule: is for the Mythic Raid team, as the next tier will be locked to realm only).

Community Links:

Heroic Raid Team:

We are now actively recruiting for Mythic raid. See post above for details.