[A] <Unicorn Alien Sparklz> - 10M 12/12N- 9/12H 25M 11/12N 7/12H is seeking dedicated raiders

11/12N 7/12H - Wed/Sat 8pm-12pm EST

Unicorn Alien Sparklez is actively seeking dedicated, skilled players who know how to play the game and have fun doing it!

Who we are: UAS is a semi-casual guild that fosters a unique environment of fun and competitive gameplay. We support all guildies and have no issues getting capable players up to speed if needed. We are an 18+ guild who frequently share laughs while slaughtering some Scourge.

Raid times: 25m ICC 9/12N, with a few heroics, is conducted weekly, Wednesday/Saturday 8PM- 12 ST. We run 10m ICC 12/12N/ 7/12H as well, however our core group is focused on 25m progression.

Desired recruits: We are seeking talented and reliable players of all classes/specs but are in specific need of the following:

-Feral Druid
-Demo or Affliction Warlock
-Unholy DK
-MM Hunter
-Shadow Priest

Raid Expectations/Loot: Raiders are expected to have full consumes(often provided to you from Guild Bank), gems, and enchants. Fight knowledge is required, but if you simply need a quick refresh or touch up on a heroic mechanic, that can be worked with. LOOT: We currently run MS>OS +1 but will be shifting towards a Soft Reserve system.

Guild Expectations: Guildies should always support their fellow members, enjoy the environment we host, and have effective communication regarding raids. Drama and toxicity will NOT be tolerated.

If the thought of friendly players who crave success for the group, actively contribute to a refreshing and fun atmosphere, decimate the Scourge, and have fun doing those things is appealing to you, then make sure you can meet the above-posted requirements and reach out in game to our officers: Fendî, Imprezzya or Twotwelve in game

would a player not wanting to raid join