[A] Two-Night Mythic Guild LFM

Who is Depleted IRL?

Depleted IRL is a newer guild formed by friends who all wanted to raid together. We offer a strong leadership with past CE experience as well as an active community in PVE and PVP. Our goal is to create an environment that people enjoy being a part of while striving for CE.

Days / Times

Thursday - 10PM EST - 1AM EST (7PM-10PM PST)
Friday - 10PM EST - 1AM EST (7PM-10PM PST)

What We Expect From Raiders

  • 90% Attendance
  • Ability to read logs and improve when needed
  • Come to raid with Pots / Food (We supply cauldrons)
  • Be able to handle constructive criticisms

Recruitment Needs

Fire Mage - High
Warlock - High
All specs/classes encouraged to contact us if interested!

Contact Us

Rae (GM) - Rae#1385
Sondrins (Raid Lead) - Zwei#1847
Beer (Officer) - Thrillhouse#1644

Where those apps at? Come join us.

Great group of people, lookin for solid progress and havin fun while doin it? hit them up, just dont do keys with rae, she’ll stress you out :wink:

!! I am not that stressful! :smiley: Come play!

Hello! Come chat with us!

Definitely a great group to raid with. Focused, and attentive, will surely go far in this tier

Good morning!

did someone say…?

bring toilet paper please

theres no corona virus here! you will be safe

Moving in with sham, confirmed.

WTB Clothies :smiley:

Will Holy Shock for Clothies