[A] Twisted Karma Recruiting!

-Twisted Karma- is a new daytime alliance guild on the server Bladefist. Just switched servers and faction swapped for a different perspective. I am not a wordsmith or a very good writer for that matter, so I am going to keep this simple.

Our priority right now is recruitment.

We are a daytime guild meaning that is when all activities will be scheduled. We will take evening players as well :slight_smile:

We plan on raiding on Wednesday or Thursday, with the possibility of both days if enough interest is expressed by guild mates. Raids will go 2 hours, start time will be determined at a later time.

We are looking for individuals who like to run dungeons also. By like, I mean, love to run them. It does not matter if itโ€™s a Mythic 0 or a key.

The things the guild asks of its members are: 30 and older in age, Patience, Respect for others, be active and have a sense of humor.

We want the guild to develop into a community of people who log in and play wow together while having fun doing so and , hopefully some friendships will be made.

No matter your level of experience, you are welcome. Letโ€™s talk!

Just /who Twisted Karma and whisper someone to get to me or Zombie.

Thanks for your interest! Hope to hear from you soon!